Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Geek cross stitch-an old art gets a new shine

Normally here I would write something about Easter or General Conference, but frankly I spent most of the last weekend doped up on cold medicine and relearning to breathe since everything that is capable of creating pollen in Utah currently is and decided to kill me.

So here's what I was doing in my moments of coherency.

I learned to cross stitch one stormy day while sick in my teens. It was something productive to do while I sat on the couch watching M*A*S*H*, plus it was cheaper than my Yu-Gi-Oh! cards so it worked out for everyone. I fell out of the art in my early 20's since, as much as I love flowers and little birds, I just didn't want to keep making them over and over again. I hesitate to classify something as "girly", but it really doesn't help when a decent dragon pattern cost over $200, and everything for a decent price looks like it came out of an old ladies living room.

Then came Pinterest.

I won't go on again about one of my favorite websites, but needless to say I discovered an entire community of people who had taken cross stitch to a whole new place-geek cross stitch.

Since then I relearned my old art and started making these:

Black Mage of Final Fantasy/8 Bit Theater

Bowser from Mario 3. I bet he's easier to beat when he's made out of thread.

Calvin and Hobbs-AWWWWW!!!

Gir-he likes tacos

Of course I've got to make a Harley Quinn. 

Mew was harder to choose colors for. I like how he turned out though. 

Stewie rules. 

Stitch took forever just because of all that stupid blue. 
This was a birthday gift for my mom- a little baby zombie! He'll warm your heart before he eats it!

I couldn't pass up Raven. 
Seriously, if you're looking for a new fun craft to do check out geeky cross stitch! You'll love it!

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