Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tweeria: A Twitter Based...Game?

I tend to follow my twitter feed during the work day.  I probably have way more people that I follow that I really need.  Most of the time, I can't even remember why I followed the person.  Sometimes, something interesting sneaks it's way down the twitter feed.  One of these was 'Tweeria'.

According to the Tweeria website, Tweeria is: "Tweeria is a game with minimal user's involvement. Every time you tweet, your alter ego finds adventures, kills monsters or gets items. Tweeria is proud to bring free RPG art and game here in Twitter! And you know it's so lazy..."

My Tweeria character's profile
 Basically, every hour, the game will look through the tweets that you have made.  Your character moves, fights monsters, casts spells, and finds items based on what you've tweeted.  If you've tweeted with the Twitter handle of another player of the game, they may help you fight monsters, or maybe even fight you!  Using certain keywords in tweets causes the character to cast spells.  Hashtags can be used to have some control of where the character ends up moving.  Other than that, the interaction between the player and the character is limited to buying, selling, and equipping items and spells.  There is a lot of fan art for the game that can be purchased and used as item for the hero.  The items basically improve the heroes performance.  Spells can do any number of things from strengthening your character, dealing damage, or weakening monsters (or other players).

The marketplace showing some of the new items that players have created

The game does seem somewhat entertaining.  It's kind of like watching a television show that features yourself and the people that you've tweeted throughout the day.  Really, I'm not even sure if it really qualifies as a 'game' because there is very little interaction that is possible as a character.  Still, it doesn't cost me anything to play, and I already do a lot of tweeting.

The map, where am I going? What am I doing here?
What are your thoughts?  Is this really a game?  Or is more of an analysis program that analyzes your tweets?

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