Monday, July 29, 2013

Mega Man

Every few years, I rediscover that Mega Man is my all-time favorite video game character. I may have blogged about it before, but oh well. For some reason, he's on my mind to speak about again.

One of the things that I think makes Mega Man sow awesome is this bosses. For some reason, I'm nerdy enough to love lists and organization. So the above pic hits my nerdar very well.

The very first Mega Man game was released in 1987. More than likely, I was still 5 years old. We didn't actually play it for a few years. But it was certainly an awesome game.

The bosses for Mega Man were okay. Guts Man and Cut Man were the most popular ones, as they found their way into the cartoon most often. Elecman and Bombman were very annoying, if memory serves correctly.

Although it wasn't the most popular game out there, it was popular enough to warrant what I deem one of the best NES games ever.

If memory serves correctly, in 1990 my brothers and I discovered Mega Man 2. My older brother did really well at the game and I loved watching him play. Mostly because I hated that I kept dying and that he was much better at the game than me.

I really like the bosses in Mega Man 2. You've got Bubble Man with his bubble shooting ability that gets annoying (but most importantly, it's what beats Dr. Wily at the end of the game). Air Man had one of the most annoying abilities. Quick Man with his stupid boomerangs always annoyed me. Heat Man, who looked like a demented lighter, had a "meh" ability. Wood Man with the wood shield was a fun boss to tackle. Metal Man's flying blades were nothing to take lightly. Crash Man's bombs killed me more often than any of them. And of course, Flash Man, who was named because of how long it took to kill him) ("in a flash" if you didn't get it), was a great way to start the game.

Mega Man 2 is before Mega Man could slide. All he could do was shoot. And maybe power up (it's been a while since I've played it). This game will always be one of my favorites though (whether or not I've beaten it is debatable. I really don't know if I have or not, even with a Game Genie.)

The coolest thing that I learned about, while doing some research on this game, is that, according to Wikipedia, Mega Man 2 was released on December 24, 1988. First, 1988 is numerically my favorite year (meaning 88 is my favorite number.) Also, 1988 is the last time the Dodgers won the World Series (which just made me sad reminding myself of that awful fact.) And finally, Christmas Eve is my birthday. So I now have an even stronger appreciation for this awesometastic game.

As Mega Man 2 was very awesome, my brother and I were kind of disappointed when it came to Mega Man 3. It was a decent game and he could now slide. But Mega Man just wasn't as awesome as he was in the first sequel. Still, it was a better game than the original. (You know, kinda how Star Trek II was way better than Star Trek I, and Star Trek III, though not great, was definitely better than Star Trek I.)

Thankfully, however, reviewers really liked Mega Man 3. So there was a long list of Mega Man games to follow with semi-reincarnated robots from the previous ones. I think they had a hard time coming up with random robots for Mega Man to face.

Mega Man X was created for the Super Nintendo system. Although similar to Mega Man, he was updated for the new system. The levels were a little more difficult, with mini-bosses. And the bosses he does fight were anything but reincarnations of the original series. They also weren't Mega Man's size even (although, Guts Man did stand a little bigger than Mega Man, none of the others seemed to do so.)

To this day, Mega Man has...well...more games than I can count. Sadly, I have not played them all. One day, I hope to be able to get them again. I did have them once, not sure what happened to them.

Regardless, Mega Man is my favorite video game character/series. Definitely prefer him over Mario and Sonic. (Although both the Mighty Mustached One and the Blue Hedgehog of Awesome are worthy video game characters.)

With my fascination of decorating cakes lately, I've decided that this year I'm going to make my own birthday cake and it will be a Mega Man cake. I've already began looking at other cakes for an idea of how I want to decorate it. (It's getting the right color for the frosting that's gonna be difficult.)

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

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  1. You know you could always use whatever color you want for megaman and say that he's just using a power instead of his mega buster. :)