Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sometimes Sharing Helps

I apologize for not posting every week like I was doing up until the end of last year.  Between the Feed-The-Beast Minecraft modpack (specifically the Mindcrack pack) and work, I've been pretty busy!  Although I think my life will get much busier now that the 'Insanity' update for Don't Starve was released.  It makes the game much harder and much more...interesting.  And freaky.  Also, Diablo III released a patch that looks super interesting.

There goes my free time.

That aside, I had a rather interesting experience related to my current singles ward.  For those of you who aren't members, a ward is a congregation of members who live in an area.  A singles ward is specifically for singles only.  I tend to be a pretty introverted and shy person in new social situations.  I'm either not inclined to participate all that much or I tend to make jokes and hide my true thoughts and feelings.  One particularly rough weekend, I decided to post on the ward's Facebook group, explaining my feelings and how a large part of it was due to my perception.

The reaction was quick and very positive.  Many other members also expressed trouble with feeling like the 'fit in'.  Apparently during this last Sunday meeting, the bishop actually spoke about how we should act toward other members of the congregation (at least he did according to my friend, Joe.  I was probably falling asleep at that time).  It shows me that even if I am afraid of sharing how things are going, sometimes the response can be really positive.

I could argue that this post is geeky because it mentions Facebook.  To further add to the geekiness, I'll share a song.  It's from an anime called .hack//sign which is about a video game.  I don't think I could get any geekier than that.

That being said, I need to go figure out how to keep from going completely insane in "Dont' Starve".

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