Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Building the Dream: Minecraft

A few weeks ago I made a post about the Minecraft for the XBox 360.  After one session, I was feeling the desire to play more Minecraft with friends, but couldn't at the moment.  In my boredom, I decided to fire up the PC version of Minecraft and play with it a little bit.

I spawned in a lightly forested area with many hills nearby.  I saw a nearby village.  I quickly picked a nearby hill and built a small hobbit hole inside, then raided the nearby village for wheat to make into bread so I had something to eat.  After that, I set to work on surviving the night, harvest more wood, and building some animal pens.  After I had done some extensive mining, I decided to turn the hole that I lived in, into a house.

After much digging and stone harvesting, I finally had this:

A beautiful stone brick house!

Before I had even finished the exterior of the house, I created some animal pens:
The chickens are basically escape artists (keeping them in the pens is very difficult!).  The cows are ninjas.  Every so often, I catch a cow wandering around my house.  I've even watched a cow glide through the fence that I set up to keep them contained in the pen...

Lately, my house got the addition of a contraption that creates smooth stone, as well as some minecart tracks that don't go anywhere particularly useful (well, one heads to the nearby abandoned village).

One of the things that I enjoy about Minecraft is the ability to imagine something, and then build it!  There's something enjoyable about creating something.  I'm not a particularly creative person, so my designs tend to be a bit on the functional side, although I'm loving the spiral staircase I built (feels like climbing up a castle staircase).

So, a question for all of you Mormon Geeks fans (I know you exist!): what would you like to see me build in Minecraft?  (A list of possible building materials can be found here).  Here's how this will work: leave a comment to this post.  Over the next few days I'll review the suggestions and select one or more of them to build.  So, start suggesting away!


  1. I love seeing Minecraft creations!

  2. OK, I would love to see a 3D picture. One, where you could walk on top of the various layers(probably glass), but once you get to the top and look down, it's a complete picture.
    Adding a whole new layer of complex would be one where every layer is clear to begin with, but if you activate a button, it builds the picture. Not sure all of the details, but pistons, among other things , could be used to automate the process. Here's a video I found that shows some things that they can do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=7028DSk9-5g&NR=1