Monday, May 18, 2020

The Dark and Twisted World of The Far Side

Gary Larson must have had some seriously messed up stuff happen to him as a kid! Man, that guy's mind is a strange and messed up as ... well, as a cow cooking hamburgers. The former biology major is responsible for one of the strangest, darkest, most twisted comic strips ever to grace mainstream newspapers. And it's awesome! The dude has 3 insects named after him. Doesn't that say enough? The Far Side is unique in so many aspects: it usually has a single panel, there are no recurring characters (no, cows don't count), and its tone can be quite macabre. Below we look at some of the darkest examples of The Far Side from its incredible 15 year history.

Pin by Lee Donnell on The Far Side | Gary larson cartoons, Funny ...
Larson excels at anthropomorphizing animals, and objectifying humans.
With a single picture, he is able to create an entire world where animals are dominant and sentient.

The Far Side by Gary Larson | Lawyer jokes, Lawyer humor, Cartoon ...
This is classic Gary Larson, right here. Take a silly phrase or colloquialism, and make it literal.
Or in this case, kinda dark.

Larson's other staple was, instead of giving animals human characteristics, he would let us see inside the mind of animals.
In this case, a mind where Bruno wants to kill and bury children. Nice.

Naming Acids - Ms. J.Kim's Science Classes
I mean, this one is both sweet and twisted. Swisted?
The thought of scientists having fun and playing pranks on each other -- so delightful!
But pouring acid on each other? Grisly!

LOL! Jerks, they're everywhere! | Far side cartoons, Christian ...
This one isn't so much dark as it is just kind of depraved.
God "sprinkling" jerks on the Earth just to make things interesting...
Why does that feel so right?

Farside Jokes
Surgery and "BOING!" don't usually go well together.

Imminent death? Perfect subject for a comic strip! The kids will love it!

When you create an alien race, they can look like whatever you want them to look like.
So why not make them look like hands and forearms!
Nothing bad could come of that. Certainly not Earth's annihilation! 

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He had to include nine. Oh, poor Rudolph!

If you're interested in seeing the comic strip memes that we've collected on our Instagram page (including ones from The Far Side), check them out at this link!

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